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Animals & Hay for Sale  <br> & Absentee OwnershipAnimals & Hay for Sale
& Absentee Ownership
Buffalo Breeding Stock
Animals available for purchase. Prices starting at $1400.

Registered Scottish Highland Cows
Beautiful Registered Scottish Highland Cows available for purchase.

Male and female piglets ready Nov 4th. Starting at $75/each.

2012 and 2013 1st and 2nd cut Baleage Available. Prices starting at $35/bale.

Buffalo Farming
Yankee Farmer's Market has helped many get their start in buffalo farming. From farm planning, to business plans, we will help you to achieve your farm goals. We have over 20 years of experience in buffalo farming. Whether you would like to do it as a business, hobby, to feed your family great meat year-round or for some additional income, Yankee Farmer's Market can help.

We always have a wide variety of top quality, un-related, buffalo available. Our animals are bred for their size, quality and disposition. We are able to feed the animals right out of our hands, and are frequently in the pasture with them.

Buffalo require very little maintenance. They are hearty animals and rarely get sick. Shelter is nice for them, but not necessary. They are great foragers and will eat down any overgrown pastures. Our buffalo eat a high quality hay and are on pasture in the summer.

Absentee Ownership

If you want to own a buffalo, but are not quite ready for a buffalo farm, our absentee ownership is the place to start. We offer calves, yearling and cows for purchase. We will keep them on our farm for you until you are ready to harvest them, or move them to your own farm. For more information, please email us below.

Buffalo calves, yearlings, cows and bulls are always available. Call or email for additional information or for specific quotes. kefarmer@tds.net