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Meet the Farmers Hello and Welcome! We are Brian and Keira Farmer, owners of Yankee Farmer's Market. Once you get past the irony of our name and our chosen profession, you will find what Yankee Farmerís Market has to offer.   Yankee Farmer's Market was developed to provide consumers with a healthy, delicious, non-tampered-with meat. A meat you can sink your teeth into without having to worry about the detrimental effects of high fat, high cholesterol, or more importantly, the effects of an un-natural, polluted, in-humane product. Our hopes in developing Yankee Farmer's Market is to put agriculture back into the hands of the small, local farmer. We are not interested in mass producing our animals, biologically engineering our animals, or leaving them in unhealthy, in-humane environments as some of the larger farms do. Many of our customers value our respect for our animals and the quality of our products and have chosen to add Yankee Farmer's Market to their daily regimen.


For more than twenty years, we have been involved in educating, producing and distributing buffalo meat. Yankee Farmer's Market is located in beautiful Warner, New Hampshire. We are regained old pastureland and offer our customers the opportunity to visit our farm and purchase our buffalo meat and other naturally raised local products. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 10-5 Saturday-Sunday 9-4 Closed Wednesdays year round. We average about 50 buffalo, some of which are kept in Warner NH, Hillsboro NH and New Boston, NH. Contact Us

In addition to selling Buffalo meat products to families, markets and restaurants all across the country, we also sell live buffalo to farms and support entrepreneurs in their own farms. We also offer a buy-back program for those interested in farming buffalo. For more information, please contact Brian at Yankee Farmer's Market Brian at Yankee Farmer's Market

As you may have read in our Why Buffalo? section, all of our buffalo are naturally fed and raised free-range. Our wide variety of buffalo meat products- from burgers and steaks to jerky and sausages- DO NOT contain growth hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics. And we guarantee that all of our products will arrive on your doorstep when shipped anywhere in North America.

To read more about American Buffalo and why its right for your taste buds and your diet, visit our Why Buffalo? section.

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