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Help us support the Concord Lake Sunapee Rail Trail efforts. The Friends of the Concord- Lake Sunapee Rail Trail are making efforts to help connect existing railways, reclaim bridges and clear paths to create pedestrian and bike access from Concord to Sunapee, including Hopkinton, Warner and Bradford sections. We are coordinating a fundraising raffle to help support these efforts. S&W Sports and Yankee Farmer's Market will be providing some great prizes. Tickets are $2 and are available at Main Street Bookends, Yankee Farmer's Market and S&W Sports.

FROM FARM TO TABLE: Do you have five minutes? Then it's worth your time to check out what The Foodery of Boston is doing. Click Here!

Welcome to Yankee Farmer's Market, LLC. Visit us where the buffalo roam, in Warner, NH. Enjoy shopping at our retail store on the farm, or online. We ship nationwide everyday and supply restaurants, health food stores, grocery stores, and meat markets with our delicious and nutritious products.

We invite you to come up and visit our farm, see our majestic buffalo roaming around. We also have a variety of other animals on our farm for you and your kids to look at and feed. Purchase some of our delicious buffalo burgers, steaks, ribs, roasts, sausage or jerkies. In addition to our buffalo selection, we offer other meats including venison, elk, free range chicken & turkey, natural pork, pasture raised beef and local lamb. All of our meats are top of the line and are raised naturally without the use of hormones or antibiotics. We believe in raising our animals in natural open environments, providing them with the best quality feed and clean water.

Shop from the comforts of your own home on our online store and view our online farm

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